Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Wizard of Oz has finally started - What a show!!

We all had the most wonderful day, our first show to over 550 people, the weather was freezing outside, it even snowed a little. All the children were excited and a little nervous. We had Win Television film "The Yellow Brick Road' performance this morning and interview Melissa McShane, who plays Dorothy and the local Southern Highland Newspaper photographing. Our show appeared on our local news tonight and it was great! What a buzz - everyone was busy and everyone was smiling and happy.

Congratulations to all the children in the show and all who worked behind the scenes -

We were all so proud of the children, backstage, on stage and throughout the day.

I am so impressed with the way all the children are hanging up all their costumes and looking after all their props in the change rooms. All the Mums and Dads backstage are amazing and deserve a medal as well, keeping them all quiet, happy and dressed in time for the next scene.