Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What do you think of my little lion now ?

Above: Some more painting of the sets, here is the double sided set, farm house one side and

Dorothy's bedroom on the other.

My baby boy has grown up...............Once a Lion, always a lion.

Many have asked me over the last 2 months why I am dedicating so much of my time to the Wizard of Oz Production.

Well it is very simple - I love my son very much and I am very proud of him.

Thomas (his friends call him Tom) is playing the Lion in the Wizard and here are a few shots of Thomas having yet another fitting. He is so lucky as it is freezing outside, it's nearly winter here in Australia - so he will be lovely and warm in his Lion Suit.

Above: The totally amazing Sue McShane working away on the Lion's costume. Sue is now the glitter queen and Dorothy shoes extraordinaire. What a wonderful time we have had together over the last six weeks. She even made our dinner last night which was delicious - Thanks Sue,

And below: Jane Swavely, one of the many terrific Grandmothers who is with us nearly every day. Nothing is too tricky for Jane, yesterday, when she arrived I said, o.k. Jane today where making three apple trees for the Tin Man scene. You should see what she has done with a piece of old calico.......

.....and thanks to my friends Nano & Janie from Pigotts Store, Woollahra for the wonderful fake leaves - wait til you see what I am doing with them. They dropped off a huge bag of leaves (brand new and still in their little bags) last week hoping that I could use them in my sets.

It is such a treat to have new things to work with.....


We Start moving into Clubbe Hall at Frensham today with all the props and sets and I still have a few more scenes to paint. Not far to go now, it's been raining over night - I hope it stops for a while so my sets and costumes don't get wet.

I'm off to the workshop soon (it's nearly 6am) to get an early start....... have a great day xx Coty