Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What do you think of my little lion now ?

Above: Some more painting of the sets, here is the double sided set, farm house one side and

Dorothy's bedroom on the other.

My baby boy has grown up...............Once a Lion, always a lion.

Many have asked me over the last 2 months why I am dedicating so much of my time to the Wizard of Oz Production.

Well it is very simple - I love my son very much and I am very proud of him.

Thomas (his friends call him Tom) is playing the Lion in the Wizard and here are a few shots of Thomas having yet another fitting. He is so lucky as it is freezing outside, it's nearly winter here in Australia - so he will be lovely and warm in his Lion Suit.

Above: The totally amazing Sue McShane working away on the Lion's costume. Sue is now the glitter queen and Dorothy shoes extraordinaire. What a wonderful time we have had together over the last six weeks. She even made our dinner last night which was delicious - Thanks Sue,

And below: Jane Swavely, one of the many terrific Grandmothers who is with us nearly every day. Nothing is too tricky for Jane, yesterday, when she arrived I said, o.k. Jane today where making three apple trees for the Tin Man scene. You should see what she has done with a piece of old calico.......

.....and thanks to my friends Nano & Janie from Pigotts Store, Woollahra for the wonderful fake leaves - wait til you see what I am doing with them. They dropped off a huge bag of leaves (brand new and still in their little bags) last week hoping that I could use them in my sets.

It is such a treat to have new things to work with.....


We Start moving into Clubbe Hall at Frensham today with all the props and sets and I still have a few more scenes to paint. Not far to go now, it's been raining over night - I hope it stops for a while so my sets and costumes don't get wet.

I'm off to the workshop soon (it's nearly 6am) to get an early start....... have a great day xx Coty


  1. Sounds like he's your mane man...couldn't resist.
    Waiting for the finale of this rainbow mini series is killing me with giggles.

  2. Hi Coty,
    Wow I can remember Tom when he was a little boy, just shows you how time flies. I love the lion outfit, you ladies are very talented. I think sometimes the preperation of these things can be almost as fun as the performance itself.

  3. Oh, that's a face only a mother could love. I think every mother sees the little boy in their grown son's faces. So sweet.

    I am glad everything is going so well. I can not imagine taking on such a task. Can't wait to see the final results.

    Take care of yourself. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  4. I second what Dream Mom said above about a mother seeing her little boy in the grown boy's face ... a son really is about as close to the dream of a knight-in-shining-armor as a woman could ever have, I count myself fortunate enough to have three little knights all grown up! I love love love all you've shown us Coty! Wonderful!

  5. This is so amazing and wonderful. Though you women all must feel exhausted, the adrenaline of the creative adventure is doing it all for you. What a wonderful Tom-Lion, good of him to pose for us. I wish you all the best these forthcoming days.you are excellent !
    Bless yoy
    Godeliva from Ariadone

  6. Wow, I am amazed how creative and wonderful your costumes are. Also what a handsome young man. Clarice

  7. WoW!!!!!

    The work you and your crew have done is wonderful, fantastic, superb, creative, colorful, and great!


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