Saturday, May 9, 2009

A box of roses

For my Mother - Beautiful old style country roses


.... Wishing all Mothers a wonderful day on Sunday


  1. you have a gorgeous blog!!! so many goodies to look at!

  2. Coty,
    I am sending you a warm hug & best wishes for a wonderful & relaxing Mother's Day. I hope that Sunday finds you with your beautiful family, rested & content.
    XO Lisa

  3. and to think I am giving my mother a tin full of herbs....compared to yours mine looks a wee bit shabby......
    Just so you know- your photography always perks up my day, even if it's a rainy photo....
    Have a blessed Mother's are truly appreciated- at least by this Mom

  4. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Coty~

  5. Happy Mother's day wishes, full of love (and chocolate) Clarice

  6. Wishing you a pampered & peaceful Mother's Day.
    Your stylings are soo luscious. Thank yous for filling my hungry soul.

  7. Happy Mother's Day. Your photos are just exquisite. That photo was just beautiful

  8. Coty,
    Thanks so much for your great comments regarding Lee Bailey. My readers will certainly enjoy knowing more about this charming and talented man, so I have added your story to the post.
    You are is a small world.
    xo Lisa


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