Wednesday, April 1, 2009

White roses for a wedding - Styling tip

Styling flowers for weddings is a beautiful job, but it can also be quite exhausting and demanding work as most of the bouquets and flowerwork is done in the last hours before the wedding.

Here is one of my all time quick styling tips for preparing a garden wedding or a display outside the church or reception entrance.

Hoping that your venue has some beautiful green hedges (freshly clipped) or lovely trees with tight little leaves, pick as many white roses or the colour your desire and pop the stem into little flower vials (a little plastic tube with lid holding water inside - available from all florist supplies). This can be done a day or two before and be ready and stored in boxes.

An hour or two before the time - Simply pop all the flowers into the hedge or trees.

Good looking fake flowers can also be used - and used and used again....

Outdoor Wednesday - Garden Wedding Ideas

Oh my - The most beautiful Dogwood trees and flowers are on Susan's blog, they are such a wonderful and delicate flower.

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