Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some more beautiful costume ideas,

It's official, I am now the Creative Director for the Wizard of Oz for SHYAC. I wasn't worried really what I was called, I was quite happy with just being called Tom's Mum. But last night at our production meeting it was accepted that I must have an official title, so that everyone knows who is doing what. Rebecca went back to school today and Thomas arrives home tomorrow after being away overseas for nearly a month.
I can't seem to find a spare hour to do a post on my blog, hopefully later this week. I still have film in my camera back from a shoot two or three weeks ago on autumn flowers and gardens still waiting to be processed (I still use my film camera). Have a great day, I am off to work on the Poppies Scene - for the Wizard of Oz. We need to produce 70 poppies costumes today, what fun... Look at these wonderful flowers hats on these lovely flower illustrations. How magical..