Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm surrounded by yellow this week

The colour yellow seems to be following me this week, all the trees are turning yellow, I'm designing the yellow brick road and all the sets for the Wizard of Oz, as well as creating all the Munchkins costumes and the gorgeous good witch Glinda costume which is dazzling away in my sun room. So I thought I would show a yellow table setting this week. I styled this setting a couple of years ago for my (one day) book and I had such fun creating it, complete with little bumble bees, sugared fruit and a perfect Autumn day on my friends beautiful veranda in Moss Vale.

My son Thomas cooked these delicous little pastries (above right) with fresh black berries picked from our garden.

I also couldn't resist adding these images that I took on a field of yellow daisies with these fantastic young girls wearing my vintage yellow gowns, it's the crazy mind of a stylist, I can't help myself.


I hope you all have a lovely Easter - We will be working on the sets of the Wizard of Oz, working on a fundraising second hand market stall on Easter Saturday at the local markets in Bowral, (setting up at 6am - yuk), spending Easter Sunday with my family who are visiting and just not really doing that much at all ....... ha ha - hopefully Monday I can have a little rest..
Don't forget to visit Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for many more wonderful table settings for Tablescape Thursday. Susan has a gorgeous table setting especially for Easter
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  1. Of course, I had to come and see what you were up to and as usual not disappointed! I hope you'll share your Wizard of Oz pics--With a blog named "thoughtsfromovertherainbow" you know I'll be looking! Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful post, and beautiful creativity in every picture. I love yellow! HOpe your Easter is wonderful!

  3. Fabulous fabulous, Coty!!!!!! You never cease to amaze me.

  4. **** I'm always in A*W*E when I come here ~~~~~~~~~ (Yes, me... Speechless!!! ~"WHODATHUNKIT?!") ~ Easter blessings & THANK YOU for the joy of seeing this magnificence! Linda

  5. Whoa! You are in a league of you own, just too beautiful for words. Looks like something out of a gorgeous daydream. Love your style. You are so inspiring.

  6. So Incredibly Beautiful! Santamaker said it best with "looks like something out of a daydream" I totally agree!

  7. This is so very beautiful! Love everything yellow! And I really love the bees. Deb

  8. Beautiful and inspiring!!!
    Happy Easter!

  9. The Wizard of Oz is coming up here and there clothing styles even....interesting...

  10. So stunning. I especially love the apples frosted in sugar !!!!! Clarice

  11. Stunning! You are my new "go to" place for inspiration regarding styling event tables and holidays etc. Happy Easter, dearest Coty.
    xo Lidy

  12. Coty, It was nice to hear from you on my blog! It has been a while. I am loving this yellow post!! So pretty as usual!!!! It is always a treat to stop and see what photos you post for us!!! Have a beautiful week! Hugs, Cheryl :)


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