Friday, April 3, 2009

Gorgeous little gardening sheds

It's here, one of the biggest weekends in the Southern Highlands. Not only is it the weekend for Brigadoon in Bundanoon (the largest Scottish Highland Gathering in Australia) it is also one of the biggest gardening weekends. The smell of blood and bone drifts through the air, every one's in their garden pruning and clipping, the chain saws are out and mulching is a must. We have had the most wonderful rain all week, our trees are looking very happy.

Get out the rakes and clear those leaves, there are bags and bags of wet leaves to be removed. I love it......I'm hooked

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I thought I would share some of my very favourite gardens sheds in some of our local gardens, some of them are so gorgeous I wouldn't mind living in them. Covered in roses with little verandas they are such a delight to have in any garden. I love the corrugated iron walls, the old pane windows and the pretty little touches here and there, see the hearts on the wall and the cock on the roof.

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This week - An Easter table setting on a country veranda and white roses in hedges for a wedding.