Thursday, April 30, 2009

Entertaining in Autumn - Beautiful golds and greens

I'm hooked on table settings outside in Autumn

Where have all the colours gone this week? I have been dashing around for the last couple of weeks and only a couple of days ago noticed that most of the leaves in my garden are gone. Living in the Southern Highlands is amazing in Autumn, most of the homes and gardens have a been beautifully decorated with trees that match the colours of the homes. Long country driveways full of the same coloured autumn tree, sandstone homes with dark burnt coloured leaves and yellow homes with yellow trees and red trees with red tiles on the roof. Most of the properties are very old and the trees enormous. I can only imagine that years ago the owners lived through the seasons and then planned their gardens.

Here are some of my autumn gardens and homes around the highlands and my autumn table setting. It's still a great time to have salads with some warm vegetables, plus I love the colours of the different lettuce leaves. They match the autumn colours perfectly (don't forget I'm one of those silly stylists and everything has to mix and match together, ha ha).

Above are some of my favourite images at my parent's home, my father above looks out over the cows. A lovely spot for their retirement and for having an enormous family (I'm one of six children) they get many visitors on holidays. We have had some fabulous lunches and barbeque's here and it is such a wonderful place for relaxing and forgetting about our busy lives for a little while.

I decided to mix both my table settings (Tablescape Thursdays) and my outdoor stories (Outdoor Wednesday) together this week as I'm about to dash of to The Wizard Workshop.
You must pop over to the gorgeous two Susan's in the States and see their amazing posts this week and everyone else who have joined their parties.

and .................................... I'm totally hooked on Autumn colours this week and the last month. Everywhere I look the colours are amazing, even in our local schools, it takes my breath away. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful colours.

I have also joined Julia at her HOOKED on FRIDAYS PARTY, here's a link to Julia's blog, it is quite an amazing blog showcasing wonderful homes.

Have a great day and thank you for visiting me and my blog in Australia xx Coty