Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The colours of Bowral in Autumn

My children's school holidays starts today, I feel like school only went back after Christmas the other day. My 16 year son Thomas has gone overseas for a month, boo hoo,,, to a little tiny little island Kiribati in the South Pacific, somewhere half way between Fiji and Hawaii. We packed his backpack with swimmers and summer gear while I'm sitting here now with two jumpers on and very thick socks. It's freezing already and it's only Autumn. Gosh, I think we are in for a very cold winter.

Thomas is off to have the experience of a lifetime, no electricity, no shops, no television, no mobile phones. All he will be eating is fish and rice and he. with a group of his friends will be building huts and teaching the little village kids in the school.

Autumn in Bowral is very pretty, I am running around with my camera as fast as I can to photograph before all the leaves have gone. Here are a few of my snaps in some favourite gardens that I often visit.