Friday, April 10, 2009

Collecting and saving wonderful old china

I often loose myself when I photograph and style my images, I wonder what I must look like to other people. I go into a wonderful sort-of trance and I lose all track of time. I have been collecting these wonderful English 30's Silvac vases for a quite a few years now, they are so beautiful and are also getting hard to find. I love that someone once decided to think outside the square and use an adorable little squirrel as the handle and a log with two little frogs as a vase.

I'm totally hooked on collecting - what can I say...

I collect many things, sometimes in perfect condition and sometimes broken.

Come along and see what everyone is hooked on........


  1. wonderful Coty, and I also recognize so many things of what you say, I get lossed in time too when I am taking pictures, it is as though the wold holds still for a moment...a couple of minutes, an hour, and before I know it we are hours later, but I am so happy afterwards!!!I can not wait to take pictures again after taking many because I time it will be even better!1

  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful vases. I loved hearing about how you go into a trance to take the photos. The love shows in your photos. Thank you for sharing them. laurie

  3. Oh I adored your yellow post and this is particularly lovely as well.

    Have a Happy Easter!

  4. Your blog is just absolutely gorgeous - and I so understand the losing of time and trance-like place you go when stying and photographing your images -- the collection of vases and uses outside the box are fabulous.
    Happy Easter
    xo Isa

  5. Keep losing yourself Coty! Getting lost in a trance producing such lovely images that we are them graced to enjoy. Love your imagery as always~

  6. Thrilled to be following your beautiful blog.
    Such lovely pictures.
    May you have a blessed Easter on Resurrection Sunday as we celebrate the RISEN LORD.

    Deanna from The Kansas Flinthills

  7. Your photography is breathtaking!! I learn to see more in the things around me when I visit here. You turn the simplest items into artwork.


  8. * Whenever I come here, I ALWAYS leave in "AWE"~~~ and today's "AWE" is extra special, as I am soooo in love with the actual pieces you used...... yes, it makes my heart go pitter-patter at the thought of finding things of beauty n'joy, such as you have found & shared here! Just WONDERFUL!!! MOST SINCERE THANKS & blessings for a lovely Easter weekend! Linda *

  9. These are so beautiful. I love the little "critters" on the vases. Really charming! Makes me want to collect some, too. :-)

  10. I am definitely a collect-oholic.
    I collect all kinds of depression glass, chalk carnival pieces, globes, antique bed linens, etc....
    Your old vases are beautiful. I may have to start a new collection.
    I hope you had a nice Easter with your family, Coty.


  11. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, Coty


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