Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beautiful Ivy

Even the Ivy is changing colours, what would I do without Ivy, for so long now it has always been a favourite of mine for display. Here are a few of my styling images using Ivy. It is the quickest and easiest thing to work with when putting a display together. Plus it grows so quickly and almost grows anywhere.


  1. I have never seen ivy that colours so beautiful. Here we have, I think, only green ones...
    But these I love so much.....and the pictures you made from it........speechless.
    Happy easter

  2. Coty, as always, I love your photographs. Ivy is a favorite of mine as well.

    Sheila :-)

  3. Coty,
    I visited my favorite garden shop this morning owned & run by the parents of my dear friend Amy.
    First i will tell you what a really nice surprise it was to buy some 4 inch pots of this and that to plant in my large containers....this is the nice part...they were sold in weathered clay pots! Not plastic! Same price!
    That is what I call "Green".
    Here is my question... how would you suggest making a large, tall wire topiary support for ivy? Simple, straight up with a good size sphere at the top. I cannot find anything in Lexington.
    Any ideas? I might twitter this.
    Your autumn looks like ours, so beautiful.


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