Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ballet Inspiration - wonderful costume details

Beautiful inspiration - costumes from the past

I am still in search of details for the costumes for The Wizard of Oz production and I came across these delightful illustrations and costumes for ballet today.

Love, love, love them all - I really think I am living in the wrong century. I often have dreams and I am wearing similar style clothes. I would live in the yellow dress now - if I was a little younger and thinner, ha ha.......
* *

Fabulous details, fantastic layers and trimmings

Isn't she beautiful and what a wonderful organza dress,

Look at these tiny little waistlines

It makes me wonder - what ever happened to my waist ?

I think I may have lost it back in the nineties when my children were born.

* *


  1. So lovely this ballet.....I hope my little daughter will on ballet too when she is a bit older......but maybe she likes to play football.
    That is just as well for me.
    Nice evening

  2. Coty, I know it for sure now... you are a kindred spirit! I have always thought I was born into the wrong century too! LOL

    I love love love all these images you've posted! When my daughter-in-law found out she was having a little girl, I went right out and bought a tutu for her (the smallest size they had was for a 2 year old.. but that didn't stop me!) I can't wait to take her to the Nutcracker when she's old enough to enjoy it. She's only 1 year old... obviously, I'm out there a ways. (:

    Wonderful post! Loved it! Vicki

  3. Coty, this is such a lovely post. It has inspired me to frame and display a picture of me in my pink tutu at four years of age.

  4. Such charming costumes. I enjoyed seeing these. laurie

  5. I think your pictures are the loveliest. I am enchanted. I will be back again and again.


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