Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vogue travels everywhere - even my old garden...Winter Fashion Shoot

Vogue Australia fashion team came to our lovely old garden many years ago to photograph a story for their winter fashion pages. As a stylist, I am always in search of beautiful locations to shoot in and I am also quite often asked to source locations for both the film and magazine industry.

The Southern Highlands is well known for it's beautiful countryside and properties and very popular with magazines and television. When we first moved to the Highlands we lived on a beautiful old farm with a gorgeous old sandstone home built in 1867, one of the oldest in the Robertson district. The garden was also very old with beautiful old trees, enormous box hedges and amazing views across the countryside, there was also a rain forest running through the property and we would go for long walks with the children and explore. I had quite a few different magazines and television shoots at our house whilst we were there, I think it was easy for the girls at Vogue and other magazines to just call me and ask if they could come down, also it was such a wonderful location for so many things. These Vogue images were taken around the garden near the house where my children played. I wish I was still there today...... I can still remember the little birds and all the leaves falling from the trees.

Above: The driveway leading around the sheds, my son Thomas telling me how big something is and the model attempting to prune the hedge, unfortunately my old hedge clippers were just a bit to old.

Fly fishing nearby at Belmore Falls, beautiful old stone walls around the garden and collecting firewood, always needed as it was freezing most of the year. I also had a snake visit me one day just where the model is standing, which was removed by my brave husband as I hopelessly looked out the window....... thank goodness.......

Above: The front of the house, Rebecca in her pram on the old front veranda.
Thank you for visiting my old country garden, click above and pop in on Susan and all the other great blogs listed at A Southern Day Dreamer for outdoor Wednesday, Susan has the most beautiful images of snow.


  1. Coty, these images are wonderful! I would... I DO buy magazines for the images alone. I usually don't even care what the article is about... if the photos call me.

    If I had come across the magazine these were in, when it was available, I would've had to have it. Gorgeous. I think I miss out on way too many great magazine editions simply because they are from a different country.

    I have to admit it ... I am an image junkie. After so many years of collecting them, I'm still not sure why, but if the scene makes me dream, I must either snap it with my camera or buy the magazine its in! Yours are wonderful. That home and garden must have been difficult to let go of.

  2. really enjoyed hearing the story behind the pics. it is such an idyllic looking life ... heavy sigh~

  3. I found your blog the other day. I must say, I enjoy it very much. I love the images-very beautiful.

    I have not had the opportunity to read through the archives so you will have to fill me in-when did you move from this lovely home? I am in suspense!

  4. Lovely images Coty - what fun it looked having the photo shoot at your old place. And please don't scrub your kitchen from top to bottom for the challenge, just look at mine closely & you'll see dishes on the sink from Sunday breakfast & the floor desperately needed a sweep! Honestly, promise me you won't go into a frenzy, I'm sure it's great just the way it is.
    Hope we're still friends!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Happy Outdoor Wednesday City! Beautiful pictures...always a pleasure visiting your blog!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  6. What a BEAUTIFUL place to live! STUNNING! BREATHTAKING! I ADORE Vogue... they have the best photos to paint!
    ENJOY your day!

  7. What a magnificent place,beautiful simply beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Simply divine blog. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  9. Your blog is c'est magnifique! I just can't stop looking at your garden and beautiful photographs...I'm adding you now to my "j'adore site" in my blog. Thank you for giving me another inspirational garden site to view!

  10. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing lovely views... Have a great Wednesday!


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