Saturday, March 21, 2009

Telegram, telephone, tell a woman, tell a blogger....

My beautiful grandfather used to say, the fastest way to send a message,
or tell a woman
and if he was alive today he would have to say,
tell a blogger......
We (you and me, and all the bloggers out there) are sending messages around the world so fast it would knock the socks off my grandfather and even my parent's generation. Like these two little girls having a chat, (and I love to chat, who doesn't) I have found a wonderful way to communicate daily with so many creative, clever, interesting and special people in the blog world ................and I love it !!


Thank you Beverly for Pink Saturday - it is such a lovely way to end the week.
Beverly's blog How Sweet the Sound is a wonderful way to meet so many people and share a little pink fun in our week.
There are 146 people at Beverly's party this week, that's a lot of chatting,,, see you there....