Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sorting through my props, oh my goodness....

I went down to do a bit of sorting and re-arranging at our showroom in the front of furniture workshop a few days ago. Unfortunately I didn't get a single thing done. It was so full of furniture and things, I didn't know where to start. Some pieces finished, polished and ready to go to out, some pieces that have just arrived, broken or in need of restoration, there is also an enormous 18th Century bookcase that is nearly finished being restored and off to Melbourne to be sold at an estate auction, and many, many bits of bric a brac that I use as props for my styling.

Ohhhhh my goodness, I couldn't move a thing, plus I had no where to move it to, we had totally run of floor space, I needed all the men from the workshop to help me as well, as everything is so heavy (and they were all busy) plus I looked at the time I would need to do all this and I would have been sorting for days.

I like to totally change the showroom around each season. Change the outfits on my little girl mannequins into something different and style a new window display. It's not a shop, it is a cabinetmaking workshop with a showroom at the front and as we are in a back street in Bowral we don't get that many people walking by. But when they do visit most people love it and find it all very interesting.

It is so frustrating, as everything gets covered in a very fine dust from the workshop, and what I normally do is move all items out of the shop onto the front courtyard, hoping that it doesn't rain. Set all the larger items into place then slowly bring everything back in re-polished and dusted off and set it up in a different position in the showroom. Then I do all the fine detailing and decorating at the end. I really have to be in the mood as it is very hard and dusty work.

So what I did instead was take a few photos, jumped back into my car and came home to my blogging world. Maybe I will try again next week.

So here is a little tiny tour around my showroom, we have furniture and antiques on show as well as huge old baskets of many shapes and sizes full of dried lavender, samples of woodwork, samples of upholstery pins, raffia, rush and sea grass. I have two beautiful old child mannequins that I love to dress up, here I have made their dresses from old pianola sheet music paper. I have styling props everywhere, Andrew's carvings, birds nests, old ribbons and boxes full of bric a brac.

Gosh, I hope we never ever need to move, I wouldn't know where to start, we also have a storage house next to the workshop full of all sorts of things.