Friday, March 20, 2009

A little birdie told me..........

I'm totally hooked on birds - When I need to clear my head, which is quite often...chuckle chuckle, I go outside and just listen to the birds. I know I always seem to talk about the birds around my home, I don't know why I just love them very much. I wake most days to the sound of the Kookaburras, I have a little magpie that taps on my glass door for food in the morning, I watch them from my window in my office and I especially love picking up feathers. I feel like the feathers are little gifts from our Angels above. The more feathers I find, the more I need to pay attention to the world around me. It is a little message to myself to remind me of all the beautiful things that are in our lives and stop worrying about all the silly stuff.

My week has been very busy with many meetings, I am designing and painting the backdrops and stying the stage for the play, The Wizard of Oz, which will be held at Clubbe Hall, Mittagong in June. I am also designing the look and style for a Debutante Ball for over 600 guests at my son's school to be held in August and much of the planning and design has already been done.
I feel like I have spent this week in another world as I have watched The Wizard of Oz about four times already and I have been sourcing magical products for the ball.

All my photographs above are from lovely gardens around the Southern Highlands and my little cottage that I have taken over many years. Some of the bird displays in the nests are not mine, they were created for a beautiful wedding many years ago by a very clever lady named Margaret who lives in the Highlands.

I am again thrilled to join in with Hooked on Houses - Hooked on Party today, please drop over to Julia and see her amazing Toile story - I just love Toile !

This week I have been absolutely hopeless with my correspondence, a huge thank you to all who have left a comment for me, I just love receiving them and I absolutely treasure them all.