Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love Guido Cacciapuoti, my secret's out.....

I love my husband, I love my children and I love this Italian, Guido Cacciapuoti.

My mother has a small collection of Guido Cacciapuoti Italian figurines, she started collecting these beautiful ladies in the early fifties. I wish she had collected all of them. They are absolutely exquisite and quite rare now. I own one, a lovely all white lady sitting in a ball gown playing her violin. The day I found her I was driving through Moss Vale and passed a second hand shop and saw her in the window. I almost fell into this store, I lost my breath and collapsed onto the counter of the shop pointing at her. I think the ladies in the shop were about to call an ambulance. She was a little damaged, I didn't care a bit, I just don't understand how anyone could actually throw her out.

My mother could not (or actually did not) believe that I found her. Check underneath for the signature, she said, I knew who made her straight away, as every day of my life growing up as a little girl they proudly sat on our mantle in the living room. I also remember a day when my mother was screaming, as my little brother aged 4 years had lifted them off the mantle and was playing with them like little dolls.

* *

Italian Guido Cacciapuoti born in 1892 and died in 1953. Cacciapuoti along with his brothers, father and grandfather had a long family history of making ceramic sculptures in gres. He is considered the best Italian animalist of the 19th Century. After having arrived in Treviso, Italy (also the home of the gorgeous blogger Cinzia from Pistacchioenocciola ) in the first years of the 20th Century, he modeled clay into small sculptures of exquisite workmanship.

* *

I love the faces of the ladies, I love the colours of their gowns, I have shown the pink ones here today (for Pink Saturday). They are all so romantic and from an era of such decadence. The flowers are beautiful and many of the figurines are holding large baskets or trays of flowers. There are flowers in their hair and on their dresses. The patterns on the gowns are also exquisite, what more can I say, these pictures tell all.

Thank you to all who leave comments for me, I just love receiving them and I absolutely treasure them all. I have also been very slow replying to my emails this week as I have had too many jobs due, sorry, I will try and get to it tomorrow.