Wednesday, March 25, 2009

High on a hill in Burrawang

There is something about a country home that is good for the soul, especially one that sits high on a hill overlooking the countryside. I am delighted to show you this beautiful home and garden in Burrawang, a little town in the Southern Highlands. Designed and built by two very creative friends of mine sixteen years ago when their first of three daughters was born.

The misty views across the surrounding properties to the lake in the distance are breathtaking. This very stylish two story home is really a perfect place to live, within walking distance to town, only two hours drive to Sydney and one hour to the coast. The buildings have been positioned well on the land, with a long driveway leading up to the main house, then another guest house further up the hill with large entertaining rooms surrounded by a long veranda. Gosh, am I starting to sound like a real estate person........

What I do love about this home is the garden is simply just beautiful green lawns, topiary trees and lots and lots of white flowers throughout the year. The stone slabs have weathered and settled into the hill, the trees surrounding the house are now well established and each year there are more and more white flowers. They are so lucky to wake each day to such a delightful surrounding.

Imagine the weddings in years to come, ooooh aaaah, perfect.