Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The best mix - a white table setting in a green garden

I can't keep my hands off beautiful white objects, bowls, plates and little dishes.
The very first dinner set that I ever bought for myself was French Pillyvuyt, (I think I spent my entire weeks wage on it) I worked at Vogue Entertaining Guide magazine at the time and I was sourcing tableware weekly for the table setting stories, I think I actually became addicted to china then, we used everything from Wedgwood through to colourful hand painted Mexican plates. My all time favourite, "white" I loved it then and I still love using white now. I bought ten of everything, 10 dinner, entree, bowls and bread and butter. Since then I have collected many other white items, not all French but they all match of course, they're white.

I decided to mix both my table settings (Tablescape Thursdays) and my outdoor stories (Outdoor Wednesday) this week as I'm about to be lost in meetings for the next couple of days.

Thank you to all who leave comments for me, I just love receiving them and I absolutely treasure them all.