Friday, February 27, 2009

We all need time to relax and just feed the birds

* *

I'm finding this year is just speeding by so quickly, I cannot believe that we are nearly in March. It is really important to stop sometimes, clear our mind, think about the good things in life and relax. I grew up with this lovely lady, my mother bought her when she was very young. She is actually a lamp base and she always looked so pretty in the bedroom.

Those were the days, imagine being able to just wake up, dress up in beautiful gowns, swan around the garden sipping tea, feeding the birds and waiting for prince charming to arrive at your door.

I'm off outside to my garden to relax and feed the birds, unfortunately I don't think I will ever look as pretty as this lady,

there's house work to be done today and you should see what I'm wearing .......

Thank you to everyone who left me a comment, I really to love receiving them and I treasure your comments so much.