Monday, February 23, 2009

Setting the scene - photographing little children

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Styling and photographing children and babies is such good fun, I have been working with children for many years now and I'm always amazed at how quickly the little ones adapt to having their photographs taken. These images I styled and photographed for a little local toy shop.

I asked a girl friend if we could set up in her pretty garden full of lovely blossoms and have her daughter Annabel as the model. It's always much easier to photograph children when they are in their own surroundings.

I set the scene with a pink dolls house, dolls in prams, a little child's table settings full of toys and more before bringing Annabel out into the garden. She was dressed in a little white dress and had her hair simply tied in a bow. Nothing to0 over the top. She was a little nervous at first, so I showed her some images of other children that I photographed and then she was fine. When she started playing with the dolls and toys, I just started clicking away.