Monday, February 9, 2009

A sad day in Australia

I cannot imagine the pain in the hearts of my fellow Australians as they wake up today and find that everything they have is gone, .... their loved ones, husbands, wives and their children, their friends, their neighbours,
their homes, their town, their animals,
their gardens, their trees, the flowers in their gardens,
their life possessions, the birds, their photographs, their clothes, their shops, their pubs, their mates, their restaurants, their schools, their church, their streets, their parks, all gone.

My heart goes out to the many who have lost,

My heart goes out to the ones that had no way out,

More than 170 people died this weekend in their homes trying to escape the most horrific fires in Victoria,
many people lie in hospital with burns
750 homes burnt to the ground.

Such a sad day, as I looked out my windows all weekend watching the bush land beside our home for young kids who for some sick reason love to light fires and who have lit many fires beside us in the past.

I have to ask why do they do it?

Why ?

Today is cooler, the rain and mist has come in,,,, it is crying over our land,

I can only think about the ones that have gone.

* * * * Thank you to all the amazing fire fighters * * * *