Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raffia, yum,yum, look at the colours on these brollies....

I am in love with these fabulous coloured Italian raffia look umbrellas, I have been searching for coloured raffia for a styling job and I have found this wonderful website called Confetti Bay. They stock all these great brollies from Italy. I actually own four of these yummy umbrellas in the natural raffia, I have had them for years, they were around in the 60's and 70's (my Mother had one at our home). I have used them for many different events and they are so lovely the way they blow in the wind. I hung them upside down once from the ceiling, they just looked amazing and I don't think anyone knew that they were umbrellas.

I pulled two umbrellas apart recently just to get all the raffia fringing off for a job that I was styling for a lunch on an old county property. My theme was based around raffia and hay for a very relaxed country style look. I had hay bail furniture, lots of comfortable chairs and lots of raffia everywhere. I softened the edging of the tent by attaching the raffia fringing all the way around the top of the canopy. (see image below, the fringe is just along the top)

I couldn't find the raffia fringe anywhere, so I just did it, I ripped it all off, I felt just terrible, but it did look fantastic hanging around the edge of the tent. I find sometimes that I do have pull things apart to get the materials that I need. I'm often the one at a second hand shop buying this terrible old ripped something, I am always asked.... WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO USE THAT FOR. It may just have some old fringe, or great bit of old fabric that I can salvage or just some little special detail trim that will end up in one of my images. You should see my collection of old stuff. (I will do a post one day on it) If anyone knows where to get just the fringing please let me know, we are a little deprived over here in Australia and this is where all these great colours should be.

My little brain is ticking away, imagine what I could do with all these colours. I would even wear it as a skirt, or as a ball gown, I wonder if it comes in black...how beautiful would that be, I would unpick it off the metal frame first of course (no I'm not going for the King and I full hoop look)

Watch out..... you may see it at a Haute Couture show one day.

These umbrella images are from Confetti Bay website: http://www.confettibay.com/