Thursday, February 5, 2009

My husband is busy in his workshop, while I'm home blogging,,,


Another hot and humid day in Australia and my husband Andrew is delivering brand new furniture from his workshop in Bowral to his clients in Sydney. Meanwhile I am at home at my computer blogging away. (Lucky me)
So I thought I would dedicate this post to Andrew and his amazing dedication to his work. Farquhar's Furniture specialises in Making and Restoring Traditional Furniture. Over the last 28 years Andrew has been commissioned to make many hundreds of pieces of furniture in many different styles from traditional English style furniture through to French Provincial. chairs, dining tables, bookcases and beautifully carved beds, polishing pianos through to Rolls Royce interior woodwork...........too many things to mention.
Here are a few images showing some of Andrews work.

click here if you would like to visit Andrew's website.


  1. Andrews work is incredible. I'm glad it was humid so you could be home blogging. Lucky us.. Thanks for sharing.. hugs ~lynne~

  2. Dear sweet Coty, I have admired your work now for quite some time and have you in my blog reader as well!! It was so good to have you visit my blog ~ My goodness, your husband is an artist too!!! What a team you two make ~ wishing you a wonderful day, xxoo, Dawn

  3. What a star Andrew is Coty! He really is living proof that one should 'Do what do love & love what you do!'. Thanks for your gorgeous comments over @ The Hedge today, I love to write (stops me from talking so much MOTH says!). Can't be too serious though as you know, life's too short not to have a laugh or 3.

    Like you, we are experiencing 2 horrendous weather days again - 43C. today & 42C. tomorrow here. For those of us living in heavily wooded areas, these are days of concern & extra vigilance. Enjoy your champers tonight.
    Millie ^_^

  4. You have a BEAUTIFUL site!

  5. Lovely furnitures! It is a gift to be able to create so much beauty. I guess your home is full of wonderful chairs and tables!
    love from Poppins

  6. I wish we lived closer.. everything down to the hubby is exquisite!!! xoxoxo laura


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