Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fabulous toys, great colours, such inspiration


As a stylist I have always been inspired by toys, especially antique toys. The mix of bright colours and patterns on old toys are just fabulous. I have often taken a toy or old doll to a meeting with my clients to show how certain colours will work together, it becomes part of the story board that I present when I show my design and ideas. I will take many things to my meetings, last night I had a meeting for a Debutante ball, I had a selection of flower samples, I also took along a beautiful pair of long kid cream gloves. I passed both the gloves and the flowers around the table. It just creates the mood and I find everyone has a better understanding of the style that I am offering.

The mix of colours on these two adorable little animals (below) is fantastic. What fun the makers must have when they are choosing the fabrics and creating. A little pink flower with a green centre on a turquoise horse. A lime green lama with green and blue flowers, pink ears and light blue for the tuft of hair.
If your ever lost for ideas go hunting for children's toys or old rag dolls, I'm sure you will be inspired.

Photographed at the home of Melissa Sti

Copyright 2009 - Coty Farquhar