Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dahlias, champagne, romance and pudding,

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When I had a flower shop in Sydney I never really understood why people would flock to buy traditional red roses on Valentines day when there are so many other beautiful flowers to choose from. I have strict instructions for my husband every year to never ever buy me red roses on Valentines Day (tooooooo expensive)

It's not that I am a difficult or ungrateful, I just hate the commercial side of the red rose on Valentines Day.

I know, I know the red rose is a sign of true love.

Why not pick a beautiful bunch of sweet peas, a tiny bunch of little violets, a box gardenias, white or pink peonies, mini white rosebuds, an orchid or a pretty bouquet of love in the mist.

or a huge bunch of Dahlias,

I just love Dahlias, they are so gorgeous, the petals are just divine and the colours are amazing.

A beautiful bunch of cream Dahlias, how romantic, that's for me,,,,

* * * * * * *

actually to tell you truth, I don't mind if I don't get flowers on Valentines Day

a little I love you xx is enough for me,


This is one of my table settings which I styled for true romance. A table for two set in the garden at twilight, a full length linen cream cloth, white china, a candelabra filled with Dahlias, and a bowl full of Dahlias with a few Camellia leaves in the centre.

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These little white puddings are made with icing sugar and I attached a beautiful hand made sugar flower to the top of each one, they are actually hollow, I made them for decoration only, that's what we stylist do. I use them for all sorts of things, topping a cake, banquet displays or just for an interesting centrepiece.

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copyright Coty Farquhar 2009