Friday, February 27, 2009

Amazing vintage hats, and my wedding day hat

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I was searching today through some of my Mother's old books and magazines and found myself in the wonderful world of hats. I have hundreds of vintage hats, (well at last count one hundred and forty, not including my garden hats) some very old, many with black feathers, fur and hand made flowers. All are totally different. As a stylist I do use them at times in my photographs and I bring out the very best for costume parties and the picnic races. I have been collecting hats for many years now. I hope to see Rebecca, my daughter wearing them as she gets older, she always tries them on and parades around the house, she is much taller than me and can wear much wider brim hats.

Basically I'm hooked on hats............I always have been,

I wore my grandmothers beautiful old hat on my wedding day, under a veil of course.

Below: Me on my wedding day (eighteen years ago) with all my daisies and a photograph that appeared in an Australian woman's magazine (very posed) when I was much, much younger wearing my vintage cane hat.

I do look much older now, my hair is almost white and I have definitely changed shape. Gosh, What happens to us................ recent photos are too scary to post. They even scare me...

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