Sunday, January 11, 2009

Perfect partnership

A rose, a leaf and a bit of string

Sometimes I just cannot decide which is more beautiful, a leaf or a rose. I am a huge fan of roses, especially for my photography and weddings. I also love working with leaves, foliage and greenery. Some of the most amazing arrangements that I have worked on have been just from foliage. Magnolias, Camellia, Bay, Laurel and Box. I'm one of those strange people that you may see hugging a tree, well at least looking at the tree very closely (inspecting the leaves) Look at the beautiful veins in these leaves and the amazing shape that they form when they are wrapped around the roses.

For a perfect bouquet, wrap each rose with one wonderful large leaf and tie with string, then mass them all together or fill a bowl.
Very beautiful, and when they dry with the leaf they are stunning.

Images & styling Coty Farquhar 2008