Monday, January 12, 2009

An old Bowral garden - blossom, twigs and birds

Japanese flowering Quince - Along an old country road in Bowral, near where I live is a very large private garden filled with wonderful old trees. Each year this bush of red flowers blossoms. Chaenomeles japonica otherwise know as Japanese flowering Quince. The twigs and branches lean over the lake and reflect in the water. It is the most amazing site. Of course I had to make a detour to this garden to capture this beautiful site. The bird life was fantastic swooping around the japonica and in every tree and the bees, well the bees,, I did get a bit worried the closer I got. I also don't think there is very much pruning happening in this garden as each year this bush just gets bigger and bigger. Wait till I show you their old Oak Trees.

I did have a Japonica in my little garden and each year I would cut the twigs and have them in the house for weeks as the new blossoms would come out. Unfortunately we had this bush dug out last year as we were building a new fence and it was growing wildly into our neighbours garden. As beautiful as it is in blossom it is also incredibly thorny. It had to go.......

Images - Coty Farquhar