Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh Sugar, sugar . . . . . . honey, honey

As a stylist I carry some very interesting things in my kit bag, or should I say kit car. I always have flower equipment, wires, oasis and vases. Dusting powders, flour, oils, decanters and fake fruit. Kitchen implements, baskets, bowls, vases, scissors, skewers, and fine water spray bottles. Soft sheer fabrics, chintz fabrics, old linen fabrics and muslin. Rope, strings and ribbons, antique cutlery and old wooden boards, old papers and sheet music. One of my must have in my kit bag is a big bag of white sugar and spray glue.

These are few of my styled images where I have worked with sugar and sprinkled away. The apples I built up with little toothpicks holding each apple tightly together. I put little white freesias in between and then added some glue and sprinkled the sugar on the tips of the apples. Obviously if you were going to eat the apples you would use egg white or honey. This was for display only and was part of my entertaining ideas.

I sugared the wide silk ribbon as well as the cake,

I sugared some beautiful brown pears for a banquet display

* * * *

* * *

I should have sugared the flowers as well, imagine how pretty that would look.


  1. these pictures are just perfect!!! I am also going to make an attempt very soon to make someting like that, it is simply wonderful and so inspiring!

  2. Coty....how pretty! Have have sugared grapes before with the egg whites....but never thought to use sugar for things you weren't going to eat....and with spray glue. I will always remember that....someday in the future...I know I will want to use the idea. Did you use just plain granulated sugar for the ribbons and the fruit...or is there a more coarse sugar that you use????


  3. What beautiful captivating pictures.. thanks for sharing.. hugs ~lynne~

  4. THESE ARE SUPER STUNNING PHOTOS!! Wow! I've been drooling over all your roses photos, especially the one on your side bar!!


  5. you never guess what i was doing last week?!! learning to use white sugar tha same way you do! i used egg white and decorated a rose, one petal at the time. never tried that before, but seen pictures and finally got the time to do some testing. Your decorations are so fantastic!!!! Hugs, Minna :)


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