Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm home from holidays and I'm exhausted


As gorgeous as this view is from our apartment windows and balcony in Queensland, Australia I am so glad to say that I am back at home. I am just exhausted from the heat and humidity all week. Even my two teenagers felt the heat and found it too hard to go outside and they are usually the first to hit the beach. It was too hot to have breakfast on the balcony, too hot to go for walks, too hot to even swim, we were sun burnt from an early morning swim and we were only on the beach for 40 minutes. So we spent most of the day in air conditioning looking out. I just don't know how anybody lives in this heat. (No offence Mel) I can't believe how many people were out jogging, playing tennis and just running around. I'm a true winter girl and I love the cold. However I must admit my hair and skin feels amazing, it must be all the moisture in the air (a bit like a sauna). Anyway, I'm back home and looking forward to catching up on what has been happening in the blogging world.
Tomorrow is Australia Day and it's a big celebration countrywide. Happy Australia Day to all the Aussie bloggers, have a fun day.