Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gorgeous little wild roses

There's always something growing wild in the country, these little tiny roses were everywhere at the end of the year. I tried to pick as many as I could, especially while they were still in bud. I was wearing thick gloves and but I still managed to have thorns sticking into my hands. These tiny little roses were literally growing everywhere up and over the fences and along the driveway to my parents home. They were out of control, but oh so pretty.

The little heart I made for Kate, my daughter Bec's girlfriend who had had a terrible accident falling from her horse. She was rushed to a Sydney hospital by helicopter in a very serious condition and we were all very concerned for her, the great news is that she is now fine.

* * * * * *

Beautiful Kate is also a little wild like the roses, and she has a wonderful heart.
* * * * *

Images - Coty Farquhar copyright 2008


  1. Coty, the heart is so sweet. I am glad to hear everything is ok now.

    Pretty photos of things growing wild! ~Cheryl

  2. wow your pictures are out of this world... do you have a book?

  3. I can almost smell the roses! Beautiful Coty!


  4. Just gorgeous images as the glad your daughter's friend is okay, how scary..i had many falls from my horse as a teen and cannot believe i ended up in 1 piece. You really need to do a book Coty! Mel xxx

  5. what beautiful photos you have done of the wild roses, i was breath its a cold day and i so much enjoyed your blog and music!!!thanks again,


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