Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dining in the cool of the evening, would you like to come for dinner ?

On these hot summer evenings it's much cooler to dine outside in the garden. Find a lovely shady spot, invite good friends over, open a cold bottle of white wine and relax.

* * * * *
....................and get the kids to cook !

If you were all near by we would love you to drop in and join us.............

coty farquhar tablesettings - copyright 2009


  1. Beautiful! always. Thanks for the wonderful compliment about our site. Coming from someone this deft in capturing (and creating) beauty around us, we'll hold your words near and dear to us. Keeping with your subject matter here, if you should ever find yourself in or around Tampa, you've a good home-cooked meal waiting. All the best, and keep up the breathtaking work.

  2. I think I 'll take a plane, fly for 24 hours and join you at this must be worth it!!

  3. Yes, thank you. I would love to come to dinner!
    What a lovely table setting. It would be wonderful to sit down and enjoy your company.

  4. This is beautiful! I'll be right over...don't I wish! :-) Gorgeous outdoor setting and lovely table! Susan

  5. Such a lovely out door setting, the bread on the tables, I up for a glass of wine. So pretty. I looked at your wonderful pictures, I love the hands, I took one with my granddaughter and called it Granna hands. Your husband make really lovely furniture.

  6. Beautiful Table and beautiful blog :) Kathy


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