Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can you get clucky in your 40's ?

I'm not sure what's going on, recently I have been having lots of conversations about babies, New years eve I was talking about babies !! It has been so long since I even held a baby, I have been looking at baby photographs and baby things. The other day my 14 year old daughter was cleaning out her bedroom and she found her old baby doll Jemima, well,,, I found myself holding this doll like a real baby and walking around the house for a while with it. Goodness gracious whats happening to me?

I know I'm not pregnant, even when I was pregnant years ago I didn't feel like this.

Oh No, mid life crisis, I think I have arrived. I have turned into one of those women that swoop on new mothers and hang over prams hoping to get a hold of the the new babe.

What does one do when one is clucky ? do a post on babies of course.........If anyone has any good advice, please let me know what to do........

photograph taken by my sister

Photographs & Styling Coty Farquhar copyright 2009