Thursday, January 29, 2009

Would anyone like a bag of plums ?

My plum tree today is so full of little plums that they're falling off the tree and the birds are feasting away. I have already picked bags and bags for my neighbours. I have also been busy for the last couple of weeks photographing them, I now have trillions of images of plums. Plum drinks, plum baskets, plum decorations, you name it I have it. Plum stories coming soon................

Does anyone have any good ideas on what I should do with them. I need a very simple recipe.

Image: Coty Farquhar


  1. Wauw, you're in de midst of summer. I can't imagine. Here it is zero degrees. Yesterday there was falling some snow. Looking at this picture; I am wishing it was summer here also! I have no receip, just eat them. Or make a nice marmelade!

  2. Hi, it is unbelievable...we are freezing out of our trousers and over there you have millions of it makes me long for the summer....I have a few plumtrees in my garden but the birds were the ones that profitted...not this it is my turn..

  3. I love to see your blog, your pictures...all is magic!!!


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