Monday, January 19, 2009

A heavenly home in the country

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Imagine living here, a perfect hideaway in the country

I have always admired people with great style and flair. The family that built this beautiful home in the Southern Highlands are incredibly creative and stylish. Their home is filled with lovely objects that reflect their personality and their lives. This home is just beautiful, beautiful living rooms, large hallways and beautifully decorated throughout. This two story country home has white weatherboards and verandas filled with gorgeous architectural details everywhere you look. There are wonderful views over very pretty countryside with pathways through fields and around a magnificent lake, it is definitely my dream home.

Rambling old gardens with an incredible density of flowers and vegetables throughout each season. Old garden walls divide each area. Beautiful paved pathways, old hand made weathered post and rail fencing and garden houses. Private areas perfectly positioned around the gardens for quiet reflection or entertaining friends. A family of black swans have also lived here for many years.

I have been visiting and photographing this beautiful home throughout the seasons for many years and these images are just a few that I wanted to share. I was there when it snowed here a few years ago, I was there when it was spring and I was also there to capture the changing colours of Autumn. I wish I was there all the time. is just a perfect place to live.



  1. Oh just so lovely, you are really making me want to fly south! Mel xx

  2. Now this house really is a home Coty! What beautiful images these are, one can only dream of sweeping down that stunning staircase in something gorgeous!
    Millie ^_^

  3. What a beautiful place to live. Your photographs are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this. It is what dreams are made of! laurie

  4. I absolutely adore the piectures you took of the little hands...I wish I had seen them many years ago I would have taken zo many of my own childrens hands and my sons hand is almost twice as big as mine......not to talk of his feet....

  5. Coty, what a beautiful home to photograph.....the owners have such a beautiful, simple, warm style! The countryside of this home....well, who wouldn't want to live there!

    Thank you for sharing these with us! ~Cheryl


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