Thursday, December 4, 2008

Summer's here and my garden is full of fruit

The magpies have eaten all my cherries !!! The trees in my garden are full of baby fruit, my big cherry tree at the front has been attacked by magpies, one week ago my tree was full of cherries, today there is not one single cherry on the tree. Every year my husband Andrew says that he will cover the tree with a net to keep the birds out, I never want him to as it looks terrible, especially since it is quite a big tree and at our front gate. Last night I bought some cherries at the shops and I quickly put them in a bowl, hopefully he will not notice that all our cherries have gone.

I am so excited the Hydrangeas are nearly out, one of my very favourite flowers. The Agapanthus are just about to burst through, we have them growing all along our front fence, I will take some photos when they come out.

School has nearly finished for this year here in Australia and my two children will be on holidays for nearly two months over Summer. Which means my quiet time at home is nearly over for this year. This is when I turn into the full time bus driver, a restaurant for my children's friends and a screaming mother,,,,,, pick up your clothes off the floor !!!!!!!

Right now my son Thomas has just made himself something to eat for lunch and he has everything and I mean everything out of the fridge, butter, salad, spreads everywhere.

I'm off to sort this out. Clean up your mess Thomas!!!!

Have a great day,,,,,, Coty