Monday, December 15, 2008

My Christmas Tree

* * * *

This is a photo of my Christmas Tree, we finally put it up yesterday. It was difficult to find a time when everyone was home to do the tree. Rebecca’s away for a week at the beach with her good friend. Andrew is working nearly everyday and everyone else is either busy shopping or out. So Thomas, my son was quite keen to help me yesterday, which was great.

Thomas got all the boxes and old suitcases down from our attic and unpacked everything for me. My home, a timber cottage built in 1930 is not very big and to make things worse we have a lot of furniture and items filling every corner of the house. So to find a spot this year for our tree was quite hard. Normally the tree sits in the back family room looking through to our back garden. However I have filled that spot with another table. This is my middle living room, the tree can be seen from other rooms which is quite nice. Especially at night when the fairy lights are on!!!.

Sorry the photo is so dark.


  1. It looks beautiful Coty, as expected!! You have to have the tree in the "right" true..i have already moved mine once! Mel xx

  2. Stunning..nothing is better then your amazing photos & posts... Wishing you & your loved ones the Happiest Holidays!!! xoxoxo Laura

  3. Ohhhhh...beautiful tree and beautiful home...
    I love your blog and your photos...

  4. I love your pictures and your style, I will add you to my favourites, I keep watching them...sooooo nice....kind regards from the Netherlands from sylvia extra (Villa Extra)


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