Sunday, December 14, 2008

My search for Vintage Ornaments

For years now I have been collecting and searching for vintage Christmas decorations. Our family tree was covered in glass ornaments when I was little, to my horror, my Mother threw them all away as she felt they were dangerous for little children with bare feet, especially if they broke under the tree. I still remember the beautiful glass fruit ornaments, Santa's face and tiny angels. I hate to think what ever happened to them. So I started about ten years ago to collect as many vintage decorations as I could. I always needed them every year for my styling jobs and they were never available when I needed them.

My collection started off very well, I think I was the only one in my town looking for them. I found complete boxes full of decorations at garage Sales, (tag sales) and second hand stores, for some reason they were always the cheapest christmas decoration in the store. The little old ladies running the store sold them off for a couple of dollars, sometimes they were free. NOT ANY MORE, I am surrounded by hunters, (HUNTERS, ANTIQUE DEALERS, ETC) it is a big problem, they have become sooooo popular now that the prices are ridiculous. However I still manage to find a few here and there throughout the year.

I also started searching on line, I bought a few boxes from ebay and other sites. Most of the time I was out bid. I love the Christmas Elves and Santas. Their dear little faces and costumes are so cute. I know there are so many photographs here and it is a bit overwhelming, but I just cannot help myself.

I also started collecting vintage Christmas Trees, Oh gosh, don't let me start....... Every year I usually do a special display in my husbands workshop showroom window, (I've been a bit busy this year blogging that I have not done it yet) anyway, last year I used a few of my vintage trees, which have thick twisted wire with handmade pine needles as part of the display. Since Andrew is a cabinetmaker I decided to decorate only with timber balls and old timber toys, another story for another day!!!.