Monday, December 8, 2008

Costumes for Children at Christmas time

My children have finished school for another year, and we have had the busiest week with all the end of year concerts, carols, graduation and school activities. It is such a relief that we can now stop for a minute and relax, (well for a couple of days) until the Christmas shopping, Christmas cooking and all the preparation starts. I found that last week all I was doing was finding costumes and outfits for Bec my daughter for the many different parties she was needing to attend. Which reminded me of when they were little, the costumes, costumes and costumes that I had to make. I'm hopeless, I will stay up all night making costumes, usually stapling or gluing them together as there is no time for a needle and thread. I took all these photographs of these gorgeous children at our old school. As a stylist I was the Mother with the camera every year in the middle of the hall photographing these amazing children in their costumes. I am so glad that I did !!! as their Mothers went to so much trouble to create these wonderful costumes. One year I even set a backdrop up and stole these children for a couple of minutes at the end of the concert to capture them before they went off for to get changed and have their morning tea.
Photographs": Coty Farquhar with permission from STA school Bowral 2006