Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yellow on my mind,

Last night I attended a meeting with a group of girls to discuss the decoration for a Ball for next year. I suggested that we should have touches of yellow throughout the hall. The last time I did the decorating for this ball, everything was white. It did look lovely, however this time needs to have a bit of colour.

So,,,, today I have had yellow on my mind all day, (I think I'm going quite crazy the older I get) I have been looking through my old images for inspiration and I thought I would close off my day of blogging with some of my yellow shots. I hope you enjoy,,,,,,


My baby girl Rebecca in our old country garden, she is now 14 years old

Thomas and Bec with their tractor & trailer

When I photographed these gorgeous girls, the field was covered in yellow tiny daisy's, but when we got outside to photograph the clouds came over and all the flowers closed their little heads, can you believe it !! I love collecting, I love collecting anything, I especially love collecting vintage gowns. These two gowns are from the 50's and the girls, Brianna and Catelyn looked beautiful wearing them.

Oh to be young again.......

Yellow apples, yellow table settings, and even little yellow bumble bees,
some of my entertaining ideas many years ago.

Finally, I will leave you with some beautiful scented pale yellow roses in some of my old vases from my friend Maria's garden. I just don't seem to have much luck with growing roses.

Which now leads me to my stories for tomorrows blog, ROSES, ROSES, they are everywhere in our town right now, and very beautiful, I have been out photographing as many as possible and I will share my images with you when I get my film back, (yes, I still work with film)

Good night and I hope you visit me tomorrow,, Coty

P.S Please let me know if you like the music or is it annoying ?