Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spring has nearly finished, all the blossoms have gone,,

I'm not sure where this year has gone, looking out of my window the leaves are bigger and darker, the fruit on my trees are already quite large. Only a month ago we were surrounded by beautiful blossom trees. Now it has started to get quite hot and dry again. Here are some of my images from both my garden and other gardens around the Southern Highlands.


  1. These images are absolutely stunning, just love them! Being in a tropical climate i really miss the spring blossoms, cherry blossoms etc and other pretty blossoms i grew up with... Mel xxx

  2. Thanks Mel for leaving another nice comment, I'm so new to blogging that I get quite excited when I get a message or comment. It's a bit like Christmas. I have been working away for so many years on my own that I don't usually have comments or contact with anyone about my work.
    Have a fabulous week and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Great blog,

  3. Hello Coty! Your images are wonderful, so your blog? But...Where do you come from? Sweden?

  4. Lovely lovely lovely. I just love your blog.

  5. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. It was fun to discover your beautiful blog, full with lovely photos! Have to read more.

  6. Coty,

    I am new to blogging and came across your blog....I am in "awe" not only of your beautiful photograhs and your blog....but also the life you have led! You have been among such beauty! I will check back often, to see more photos ~ just lovely. ~Cheryl

  7. hallo coty! i m so glad that you found me, so i found tuhis beutiful cotyworld, wooooow! you seems to be a great styler and the picctures, beautiful! se you soon! hug lotten


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