Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Roses, roses, roses,

As I mentioned yesterday, I was off to photograph roses. The roses are absolutely beautiful this year in the Southern Highlands, it must be from all the rain we had through Winter. I visited my parents property today and their garden was also filled with little tiny mini roses, I picked huge bunches, very, very thorny and very hard to work with, my hands are quite sore tonight. I will be photographing them tomorrow. We had a little bit of rain today as well, which knocks them around a bit, however most of them are in bud. .

I have been working on my books now for quite a few years, hopefully one day I will get them finished. I have taken thousand of shots throughout the seasons, here is a little peak into some of the different images that I have styled for my book on flowers.
I do look forward to hearing what you think,