Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pale pink roses

Well, I'm not getting very much done this weekend with my photography and the roses around my garden as the weather has been totally out of control. We had hail, snow and buckets of rain yesterday and this morning it has been freezing. The winds have been very strong. I cannot believe that it is nearly Summer. Luckily I picked most of the roses on Friday for my shoot and I have styled many different things ready for photographing when the sun comes out. Maybe tomorrow.!! Meanwhile, I have been sorting through some old images which I would love to share with you. Above are the most amazing pink roses from around some of the gardens where I live. At a beautiful old home in Moss Vale I set up an afternoon tea party for a Christening for a little baby girl using Cecil Bruner pale pale pink roses in a baby dolls basket and using little tiny dolls on each tea cup. I also had some babies breath on the table. The veranda was a perfect place for the table, just outside the living room doors.

Little Anna Horler above would now be maybe 25 years old, I just loved her hair cut then, she was one of my favourite little models ever to work with, I also babysat her and her little brothers and sisters which was why she was so comfortable in front of the camera for me.
These images of Anna were from one of my earlier styling designs for my client
Adrienne & The Misses Bonney, Double Bay, Australia

I also would like to thank two special women from around the world this week
Minna Mercke from Sweden, her blog Blomsterverkstad
& Shawn Stucker from Country French Antiques, USA

Both Minna and Shawn very kindly did a story on me and my blog last week, I was so touched by their kind words. They are both incredibly creative women and their blogs are just beautiful, a must for all to see and follow. I do!!
I am also so happy to have some new followers, I do hope you enjoy this new post.


  1. Hello, which wonderful images you displays, I becomes happy of judgment.

  2. Coty, I just can't get over the roses that you post - I adore roses and I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen roses as beautiful. I don't think they grow anywhere but in your garden!! Just breathtaking!!!!! ~Cheryl

  3. Also, it would be just lovely if you could find that little girl and photograph her now at age 25! ~Cheryl

  4. A beautiful table setting - absolutely perfect. Lovely to have found your blog. xv

  5. Dear Coty!
    Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I really had no choise but make a post on you - your photos and work is astonishing and I want as many as possible to share the joy of visiting your blog! A big hug and have a wonderful day! Minna :)

  6. I feel so lucky to have come across your blog! It is truly one of the most beautiful and remarkable to be found on the net. Thank you for generously posting. Your ideas and creations have inspired me to putter around my house today, decorating here and there :)

  7. As always, your images are breathtaking!
    I am not surprised that two of my favorite blogs would do a post about you!


  8. Isnt that little girl cute, i wonder if she knows she is on your blog!! Do you keep in touch with her, i wonder what she is doing now @ 25!! Pale pink roses are my absolute favourite in all the world, Mel xxx


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