Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas with the cows

This week I have been out at my parents home photographing flowers & decorations and working out the details for our Christmas lunch with all my family. My mother has already unwrapped her decorations and put them around the house. My parents only moved to the Southern Highlands from Sydney in June this year, which was the middle of Winter, and boy was it a cold winter ! even I felt the cold this year and I have become very used to the cold Highlands.

I thought I would share with you some of my images around their garden and the view from their home. It is a lovely spot on a hill looking out over the countryside.

They are surrounded by beautiful lush paddocks with dairy cows grazing all day. The grass is so high at the moment that you cannot see the cows when they are sitting down. The cows were quite curious whilst I was photographing and they came up to the fence and just stood and watched. My Mum loves them, she always knows where the cows are throughout the day. If it is raining and windy they come right up close to her bedroom window.
This is where we will be having our family Christmas lunch this year so we are hoping for a not too hot day so that we can set up a long table on the lawn and enjoy the surrounding countryside and the cows of course!!