Friday, May 3, 2019


Dear StylingMagazine & blogging friends,

Many of you were my first readers back in 2012 when I created Styling Magazine's first magazine (welcome back and so much thanks for your love back then) followed by another 24 issues, and blink, here we are seven years later with Series No. 2 (another 25 issues). I loved getting your feedback, loved getting to know you and loved seeing what you loved seeing in Styling Magazine. I so look forward to that interaction with you all again from everywhere around the world. 

I have been away from publishing Styling Magazine and my blog for a little while... life just picked me up and took me off to be inspired/distracted by styling, photographing, retailing, decorating, collaborating with amazing people, still creating all the time and being a Mum.  

I am so happy to present in this new issue the exceptionally creative people, artists, designers, homes and gardens that are in this issue. I really do hope you enjoy reading this, use the inspiration in your lives, tell me about that, and get excited about the next coming issues as there is so much that is beautiful and amazing in what I will share with you all over the coming years.

To read this new issue, just click here to go to my main website. 

Best wishes & I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

x Coty